About Jon Rajkovich (or, The Page Where I Speak Of Myself In Third Person)  

Rajkovich’s abstract sculptures explore material’s ability to conceal, reveal, and disguise. By objectifying the creative process and providing clues to its material and formation, Rajkovich offers the viewer a shared experience of assigning narrative to the work itself.

Jon Rajkovich (b. 1974) grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He received his MFA from Winthrop University and has attended residencies at Skowhegan and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

He has an extensive exhibition history at venues including Shoshana Wayne in Santa Monica, Axel Raben Gallery in New York, Susanne Hillberry Gallery in Fernadale, MI, and Whitespace in Atlanta.

He is also co founder of the Charlotte, NC based dance troupe Sinergismo.

Rajkovich’s work has been written about in numerous publications including Art in America, the Chicago Sun Times, Time Out, Art Papers, the Los Angeles Times, and an overview of his work is included in the book Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California.

His work has been influcenced by his travels and his time living in Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles and most recently, Richmond, VA. He currently teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University (the most highly-ranked sculpture program in the US) and at George Mason University. He was previously an instructor at University of California Riverside, Otis School of Design and Atlanta College of Art. 

He lives with his wife, two whip-smart kids and dog, Stella.